Better floor protection. Throw away your drop cloths!
7 March 2016
Better floor protection. Throw away your drop cloths!


Got a big painting project on?

The first thing you need to do is get rid of your dusty old drop sheets. Why?

Because you can now use Ovaboard Medium Duty floor protection instead. It’s our latest product and perfect for painting and plastering jobs. No more tripping over wrinkly old drop sheets or slipping on plastic.


5 reasons to love Ovaboard MD

1. Spilled paint won’t get through

Paint spills won’t make it through to the floor. Ovaboard MD has water-shield technology which gives it 60 hours water resistance. No worries about seepage.


2. Lays flat and fast

Roll it out and tape it down. Simple as that. Overlap joints by 20mm and tape down the length with Ovatape. Ovaboard is easy to lay and won’t create trip hazards (when taped down).


3. No chance of drips landing on the floor

With nice straight edges you can get Ovaboard MD right up close to walls or cut it to fit around tricky outcrops. Ovaboard MD is thin (but tough) so it  fits under doors. You can totally protect an area with no chance of a drip making it through.


4. Leave it down for the whole job

Once Ovaboard is down you can leave it there until your job is complete. It looks tidy, you can sweep up any dust, it’s flat to walk on and tough. Beats having to collect up the drop cloths every night.


5. Affordable and re-usable

We’ve introduced Ovaboard MD as a more affordable option. And because it’s so tough you can roll it back up and use it many times (providing even better value for money).


What’s the difference between Ovaboard and Ovaboard MD?

If wheeled traffic or impact resistance isn't an issue for your site, Ovaboard MD is perfect for your requirements. It still has the 60-hour spill guard like our heavy-duty flooring protection, only it's lighter and even more affordable.

Ovaboard MD is made from two layers of recycled paper with hot melt fibre strands in between. This makes it very strong and lightweight.


This pearl of wisdom brought to you by Ovaboard. Ovaboard temporary floor protection protects floors while you work. Learn more about us.

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