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Protect Floors, Avoid Re-work



The new standard in temporary floor protection due to its strength, durability and water shield technology.OVABOARD is suitable for benchtops, floors and stairs - Wood, Tile, concrete, stone, vinyl and Epoxy.

Features & Benefits

  • Lays flat and fast – comes in a convenient width for tradespeople
  • One thickness but the toughest protection on the market to protect any floor
  • Reduces risk onsite for accidents and mistakes
  • Safe, nonslip and durable working surface – no tripping hazards
  • Repels water, paint, dirt and more
  • 60 hour spill guard
  • Allows natural curing – vapour permeable so your floors won’t sweat
  • Resists impact and tough enough to drive on
  • Re-usable, recyclable and made from recycled material
  • An economical insurance policy when compared to the cost of re-works or running over schedule.


Ovaboard Rolls

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Ovaboard Reinforced Kraft MD



Made from tough conformable PVC film and has an easy unwind release coating for ease of application. It is coated one side with an aggressive rubber adhesive system that is designed to release off most surfaces.

The smooth easy unwind release off the roll assists application and saves time. For the joining of OVABOARD products, test before applying to other substrates.

Fast and easy to install

  1. Sweep or vacuum all debris from the surface you’re protecting.
  2. Roll out OVABOARD, logo side facing up.
  3. Cut to the length required with a utility blade and back roll ends.
  4. When covering an area, overlap the OVABOARD 20mm.
  5. Tape the join down the entire length with OvaTape. Do not apply OvaTape to floor surfaces as it may affect some finishes.
  6. To re-use, simply sweep the surface, roll up and tape.



Product Specifications

Product Specifications and MSDS Sheets


Bottom Message

Commitment to Sustainability

OvaBoard is committed to being environmental aware by adopting responsible practices throughout its operations to minimize our environmental impact and to reduce and re-use waste, and to efficiently manage energy use, so we can provide innovative products based on sustainable design.

Our philosophy has always been to provide the highest level of customer service with the highest quality products that can be produced. We demonstrate this philosophy in the following ways:


A message from our Manufacturer...

Materials Management

In the manufacture of OvaBoard we always use papers that contain 100% recycled fiber. The majority of the fiber comes from local sources, minimizing the impact from material movement. Over the last decade- and-a-half, we have reduced the weight of the core product paper, thus reducing waste by almost ten thousand tons per year.

Efficiency of Production and Energy Consumption

We use computer-controlled production technology to minimize the overuse of materials. Heat energy is recycled wherever possible in the production process, to reduce energy consumption. Over the last decade-and-a-half, we have reduced energy use per unit of production by over twenty-five percent.

Efficient Materials Management through Recycling

We work with many of our customers to reuse materials used for the packaging and shipping of products, as well as scrap produced in conversion.

Culture of Environmental Sensitivity and Social Responsibility

Our goal is to make all our employees more environmentally sensitive and to develop a culture within the organization. And as we employ mostly from the local communities our hope is that they will take this knowledge and culture with them and into their communities to be promoted in an ethical and sustainable manner. We purchase from sources that are partnered with Rainforest Alliance and FSC.