How to get more time for beers
25 January 2018
How to get more time for beers


“Ain’t nobody got time for long winded job prep.” You want to get in, do the job, and get out.


So picture this.


You turn up on site and all the floor protection pre-work has been done. You get straight to work. No need to worry about spillages, dropping things or destroying the floors.


Before you know it, the job’s done. Then you say to yourself, ‘wow... no overruns, no budgets blown and all in the scheduled time frame’.




Ovaboard temporary floor protection.


Sure, it takes time to lay and there’s some cost upfront to purchase, but there are some definite cost over time benefits. Most importantly — it’ll give you more time for beers.


Here are 4 ways it’ll save you time and cash in the long run.


#1 Save prep-work time

The time it takes for each tradie to lay their own drop sheets in the area they’re working adds up quickly. Even though it’s a part of the job, the time and energy savings you’d get by laying Ovaboard in the very beginning saves time overall — and leaves more time for beers.


#2 Lay it once

Ovaboard, once laid properly, doesn’t move. You’ll avoid potential gaps appearing, giving peace of mind to just get on with the job. There’s nothing worse than having to re-position drop sheets that have moved about, especially when the time spent here could be better used —like drinking a well-earned beer.


#3 Boots on

None of this boots on, boots off, repeat business. Once Ovaboard is down just leave your boots on. If you were to add up the time it takes to take off and put on your boots when you’re trying to protect a floor we reckon it could be the same length of time to drink a beer, at leisurely pace.


#4 Prepare for accidents

Go about your day knowing if the hammer accidently slips, it’s ok. Ovaboard has an impact guard. You’ve got to the end of the job, the floor is primo and your customer will be buying you the beers for doing such a good job.


It’s all in the preparation

Investing the time to lay Ovaboard at the start of a job can pay dividends. You’ll save your tradies prep-work time each day (no dicking around with drop sheets), and they can work faster (leave their boots on) and just get on with the job (knowing that the floors protected).

And what does this all mean at the end of the day? More time for beers.