4 tips to becoming your own boss...
26 March 2018
4 tips to becoming your own boss...


Being your own boss, doing things your way, and having an endless supply of work is the dream right?


It’s totally doable. But not just anyone can start their own business and be successful.

The market is flooded with trade businesses. Good businesses who have been around for a long time with great reputations. So it’s important to think how you’re going to offer a little something different that potential customers might want.

Want to call yourself ‘bossman’ and reckon you can provide an awesome service?

Be sure to get your groundwork in place and check out these essentials that your potential customer will be looking for.


Recommendations and Feedback


Even though you might be working for a company now, doesn't mean you won’t have a ‘name for yourself’. Within the building trade, names get around and if you’re good at what you do you’ll be forming a reputation without even knowing it.

Once you start out on your own officially, be sure to ask your customers for feedback. Doing a good job and building a rapport with your customers is a great way to get recommended and start the word of mouth.



Website, Facebook and marketing


Probably the last thing you want to be doing. But it’s so important. Remember, if you’re not being recommended this is where your customers are coming from.

Not only does a website help you get found on Google, it gives your potential customer a feeling of professionalism and trust.

Facebook is just another avenue for people to find you. It gives you an opportunity to show your casual side and the great work you do. It’s also a great platform for people to leave reviews of your work - another way of collecting those all important recommendations.


Qualifications and insurance


Some may see this part as the boring legality bit, but these things could put you apart from the rest. Being able to promote you’re accredited, qualified and have good insurance shows a high level of professionalism.

Having a bunch of accredited logos appear at the bottom of your website could be the difference of a customer choosing you over someone else.


Behind the scenes

This really is the boring bit, but comes with the ‘bossman’ territory I’m afraid. Paperwork, accounts, GST, etc. All the not so fun, but has to done stuff. To get you started take a look at this 9 step guide to starting a business.

Way up the cost of your time and the cost of a good accountant. Yes, it is good to understand your accounts however it might be best that you get an accountant to handle them. It’s usually the case that your time is better spent doing what you’re good at (being a Tradie) and letting the accountant do what their good at (making sure you’re accounts are working efficiently).


We love seeing tradies meet their full potential. There are so many opportunities out there. So if you’re on the fence maybe now is a good time to jump off and do some more digging around going self-employed.