How floor protection increases efficiency
16 August 2016
How floor protection increases efficiency
You’re on a tight deadline.
You need to crack in and get this project started ASAP. No time for mucking around. Just get on the tools. Be efficient.
Next minute…
You’ve dropped something and smashed a tile. Or someone’s scraped a ladder across a freshly polished floor.
Sound familiar?
When you’re in a rush to get started, it seems counter intuitive to slow down and set up properly so that the floor’s protected. 
But in actual fact, investing the time up front, and laying temporary floor protection such as Ovaboard, will save you time (and money) in the long run. 

5 ways floor protection increases efficiency


1. Leave your boots on

With good floor protection such as Ovaboard, you can leave your boots on, and the floor underneath will be protected. When you have a lot of tradies in action that can save a lot of time (and bending). 

2. Work on the spot

Because the floor is so well protected, you can set up and work where you need to. This can cut down on trips outside or to and from the van.

3. Schedule jobs efficiently

The electricians didn’t make it before the floor was polished? No sweat. Just lay down some Ovaboard. Scheduling jobs around availability and not having to worry about damage can save some serious time. 

4. Lay and leave

Once Ovaboard is down you can leave it there until your job is complete. It looks tidy, you can sweep up any dust, it’s flat to walk on and tough. Beats having to collect up the drop cloths every night.

5. No re-work

And here’s the biggy. Re-work can be the difference between a profitable or non-profitable job. With floors protected from liquid and impact, you dramatically reduce the chance of damaging the floor if something is dropped, dragged or spilled.

Prevention is better than cure

Investing in good quality floor protection, and taking the time to lay it, beats re-work.  
And it’s actually not hard or time-consuming to lay. You just roll it out and tape it down. 
So save your reputation, profit margins and the hassle of re-work. Protect your floors first - before you start work. 
Then you can work more efficiently and with no worries.

This pearl of wisdom brought to you by Ovaboard. Ovaboard temporary floor protection protects floors while you work. Learn more about us.


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