5 fruitful ways to promote your brand on job sites
21 October 2016
5 fruitful ways to promote your brand on job sites
When you’re working hard on site, is your marketing working hard for you too?
Job sites create the perfect opportunity for your business to get noticed. Whether it’s people driving by, or other professionals (and potential referrers) coming and going on site, or the customer themselves — you want them to know it’s your business that’s doing the great job. 

5 ways to promote your brand on job sites


1. Branded apparel

Branded clothing and caps are a great way to make your company more visible. When worn by your team on the job site, it gives you an air of professionalism and organisation. You may even want to keep some spare to give to your customers. That way they too become walking advertisements for your business


2. Branded vehicles and equipment

Branding your company's vehicles, machinery and equipment with a recognisable logo and contact information gives your company name a presence at job sites and all points in between. Establishing a brand identity with a uniform vehicle logo and colour scheme makes your equipment fleet and entire company stand out from the competition. 

3. Signage

With your customer’s permission, always put a sign out front when you’re at work. Whether it’s a big job or small. Be sure to include your contact details. Make sure it’s easy for people to read as they drive by. Think about how to attract their attention. 

4. Keep the site tidy

Good housekeeping will help ensure a professional image. Make sure you regularly clear rubbish away. And here’s our plug—lay Ovaboard on the floors to keep them protected and make sweeping up easy.

5. Actively seek feedback

The best thing for your brand reputation is great work. This is the no-brainer. What your reputation is built upon. But here’s the trick. Make sure you ask for feedback - both during and after a job. If you specifically ask for feedback while work is in progress then you have a chance to make any necessary changes. The result—a happy customer. And don’t be afraid to ask for referrals and testimonials. Make it standard procedure.

Make sure you get noticed

You work hard so make sure your marketing is working hard for you too. 
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