Renovation projects: 4 ways to delight your customers
29 November 2016
Renovation projects: 4 ways to delight your customers

Do you delight your customers?

Do ALL your customers sing your praises? Refer you to others?

Perhaps delight is a funny word for Tradies to use. A bit fluffy. It's the quality of your work that counts. Right? Wrong. Well—half wrong. 

The quality of your work is the baseline. That’s gotta be right. But going the extra mile for your customers (and delighting them) is what’ll get you extra customers.

I’m sure you know from experience it’s much easier to win a job when you’ve been recommended. You have trust at the outset. 

So how do you ensure every customer recommends you? 

Delight them.

Be sooo good you stand out—and stick. 

4 simple ways to delight your customers


Open up communication

Keep the customer up to date with progress. You’re working on something precious to them so they’ll appreciate being kept in the loop—whether it’s bad news or good news you’re reporting. How you ‘do’ the communication is up to you and depends on the client and the job. The key is to keep the communication up.  It shows you care about your customers’ experience and reduces the risks of surprises and misunderstandings.

Be thoughtful

Keep things tidy. Take your boots off. Warn your customers if you’re going to be noisy. Respect their stuff. That’s all common sense. But how about taking things up a notch. Encourage your staff to perform at least one ‘act of kindness’ each day. What could they do? A couple of minutes helping someone can really make an impact. 

Thank your customers

Obvious right? But actually, this is something businesses often overlook. Sure you might say thank you as you walk out the door, but what else could you be doing to make it more memorable? A thank you card with a personal note? Even a simple email. Or how about following up to make sure everything is to their satisfaction a few weeks down the track?

Be on the lookout for improvement opportunities

Ask your customers what you could be doing better. This shows your intent to good a job and will help you do a better job for your next customer. Seek out feedback on the spot or via a short phone call, or an email survey. Make it easy and quick for the customer and useful for you.

Delight your customers to get referrals.

Word-of-mouth referrals are sooo important. When you’re competing with others offering the same service, the experience your customers have when they do business with you will help you stand out. And if you stand out, you’re more likely to get mentioned to others—positively,  and to get referred for other jobs.
Delighting your customers can become your competitive advantage. 


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