How floor protection reduces risks on a building site
30 March 2017
How floor protection reduces risks on a building site
Are you a cowboy? 
Probably not. There are a few around, but most tradespeople are here to do a good job. You want happy customers and a smooth running operation. No complaints, no re-work, and no hassles. Now that’s a good week!
And how do ensure a good week? One way is to reduce your risks. Avoid things going wrong. 
Wondering where floor protection fits in? Read on. 

P.E.A.R.L. reduce risk to: People, Environment, Assets, Reputation and Liability

PEARL is a handy acronym to remember when it comes to health and safety in general. For more info read Pearls of wisdom for health & safety
Here’s how Ovaboard delivers on PEARL


Floor protection (such as Ovaboard) provides a safe and durable working surface, increasing your team productivity. With health and safety critical on building sites, Ovaboard provides a non-slip, non-trip hazard surface. 


Made from 100% recycled materials and able to be reused and recycled.


Helps avoid damage to floors and expensive re-work, allowing your build to keep on schedule.


Keeps your site clean and professional looking and helps ensure customer satisfaction.


Helps limit your risk of payouts, repairs and conflict caused by damaging floors.
Ovaboard is the new standard in temporary floor protection due to its strength, durability and water shield technology. Suitable for benchtops, floors and stairs - Wood, tile, concrete, stone, vinyl and epoxy.
An economical insurance policy when compared to the cost of re-works or running over schedule.
Why take the risk?