The 11 tell-tale signs of a hipster tradie
23 June 2017
The 11 tell-tale signs of a hipster tradie


There’s a new breed of tradie.


You might have seen them on site. A more sensitive type of tradie. Young, fashion conscious, healthy and hip.


Otherwise known as the hipster tradie.


11 signs to help you identify a hipster tradie.


  1. Beard, and probably a bushy one  

  2. Coffee in a keep cup (or in extreme cases, Kombucha)

  3. Quinoa salad for lunch

  4. Crotch is so low, it’s a health hazard

  5. Or pants so tight it’s impeding any bending ability

  6. Builders pencil behind the ear

  7. Shows up at work on a fixed gear bicycle

  8. Eats organic sourdough sandwiches

  9. Shares his work day on Instagram (unfiltered)

  10. Head’s off early (doesn’t want to be late to yoga)

  11. Denies being a hipster.


Recognise the signs?


We reckon if someone fits at least four of these, they’re a certified hipster tradie. But hey, don’t be afraid of the hipster...


The hipster’s probably up-to-the-plate on the latest trends.

All that health food should give them more energy on the job.

The yoga probably helps relieve the tight-jeans inflexibility.

At least you’ll never be without a pencil.

And a creative brain is always useful.


So do you know any hipster tradies?



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