Should Tradies buy their customers a Christmas gift?
22 November 2017
Should Tradies buy their customers a Christmas gift?


Yes, even a Tradie can be thoughtful at Christmas.


Just imagine your customer’s face when you turn up with a Christmas gift to thank them for their custom. They will be gobsmacked. But also extremely appreciative of the nice thought.


Maybe you’re super busy? Or have no idea what you would even get your customer for a Christmas gift. Never fear, our gift list below caters for busy tradies like you.


Go on. Pick a gift idea and treat your loyal customers this Christmas.


#1. A bottle of wine or box of beers

Nothing says Christmas than something to drink. Most people like to have a stash of the merry stuff to see them through Christmas so receiving some as a gift always goes down a treat. To make it more affordable, buy a case of wine for bulk buy savings.


#2. A food hamper

It takes a little more effort but hugely valued around Christmas. Head to the supermarket. Grab the following:

  • A mini chilly bag (to put all the stuff in)

  • Kumera chips (these are just a bit fancier than regular chips)

  • Crackers

  • Nuts - a dulux mix or something

  • A jar of chutney - usually found in the spreads aisle

  • A block of chocolate (or go with scorched almonds if you want to be classic)

  • A four back of ginger beers (in case your customer doesn’t drink alcohol)

  • A bottle of white wine or even bubbles


#3. Beach towel and umbrella

Think useful. What are your customers going to be using over summer? I don’t know of anyone who would be disappointed with summer accessories. A beach towel and umbrella combo present can be found at Kmart or the Warehouse for a reasonable price.


#4. Restaurant voucher

If you think your customer deserves a night off cooking, why not grab them a voucher for their local restaurant. It doesn’t have to cover the whole meal, but a good portion of it. Stick it in a nice Christmas card with a little note for the final touch.


#5. A simple Christmas card

If nothing else, sending a Christmas card with a handwritten note is a nice gesture. In case you’re not a big writer this doesn’t have to say much other than a ‘thanks for working with us, Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year’.


Why give a gift?

The list is rather long but here are a few; referrals, showing appreciation, repeat custom, creates loyal customers, showing that you're different to your competitor, purely to do something nice.


Don’t over think it. Or make it stressful for yourself. Just remember, anything is better than nothing.