The Tradie guide to getting through Christmas
12 December 2017
The Tradie guide to getting through Christmas


The lead up to Christmas can be overwhelming.


Being pushed and pulled in every direction.


There’s always more to do in less time. Juggling acts between customers vs family and staff vs time to yourself — you might find yourself in a pre-Christmas-flap.


Sound familiar?


If things are starting to turn to custard for you — before the plum pudding’s even made — you need to check our 5 tips for getting through the silly season.



#1. Say no to work, and yes to less stress


You may want to take caution on those jobs that have specific deadlines. Alarm bells should be going off when your customer says ‘the job has to be done before Christmas’.


Once you take into account all the other things you’ve got to get done - Christmas shopping being one of them - you may be better off saying no.


#2. Prepare for Christmas shopping


If you hate shopping, this tip is for you. Get an idea of what you’re going to buy before you leave the house. Write down the places you need to go and in what order you are going to visit them.


With this shorter sharper shopping style you’ll maximise your free time and feel good that you were super organised. Make sure there’s a cold beer factored in as your reward too.



#3. Watch some Christmas movies


It’s very important that you get into the Christmas spirit. No one likes a grinch. What’s the best way to do this? Watch some Christmas movies! Here are our recommendations:


  • Home Alone

  • Bad Santa

  • Santa Claus the Movie

  • Elf

  • The Holiday



#4. Throw your team a kickass Christmas party


Let your hair down, and show your team your appreciation for their hard work. If any time you need your staff on side it’s around Christmas. Throwing them a deserving end of year party, they’ll have your back and want to see the work get done so you can all take a proper break.




#5. Get some stress relief


  • Get active! Walk, run, go to the gym. It’s great, valuable alone time

  • Switch off your phone. Leave an ‘unavailable’ voicemail if it makes you feel better

  • Plan time away. Leave town for a day or two (or longer).

  • Catch up with old friends

  • Make time for family

Plan a couple of these activities each week and you’ll soon be in the stress-free, Christmas spirit.



The silly season doesn’t have to be silly. It should be time for you, the family, friends and re-charging.


We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We hope you enjoy the warm weather, ocean swims and a few cold ones.