Case Study: Hallway foot traffic
23 November 2015
Case Study: Hallway foot traffic
The Sutherland family recently renovated their bathroom and en-suite.
After the first couple of days of renovation they decided their carpet needed some serious protecting!
“You don’t realise how many feet are going to track through your house every day! We had tradesmen coming in and out the whole time tramping in all sorts of dust and dirt - even when they took their boots off” Kat Sutherland
As a result the Sutherland’s laid down Ovaboard to protect their floor through the hallway and master bedroom while the renovations were in full swing.
We asked Kat Sutherland a few questions about their project and using Ovaboard.

Why did you want to protect your floor? What were you worried about?

The carpet is fairly new so I didn’t want it damaged or worn. I wanted general carpet protection (from dust and building debris).

Why did you chose Ovaboard?

At first the builder had laid down plastic sheeting in an effort to protect the floors. That was a nightmare!
It was slippery and kept bunching up. The dust and debris kind of fell off it anyway. Also we had to pack it away at the end of each day so that the kids could safely use the hallway.
Ovaboard provides a nice hard surface. We had the idea that we could put in down and leave it there for the duration of the project.

Did Ovaboard work well?

Yes. Once it was down it was great because I could just sweep up all the dust at the end of each day and we could carry on using the hallway.
The tradesmen loved it because it meant they could leave their boots on. Even on days when it was raining outside it didn’t matter, they could just come through and know that they weren’t causing any damage.

Is Ovaboard worth the money?

Definitely. It saved us an insurance claim when a can of paint got tipped over! And it protected the carpet in general. Certainly worth it for the peace of mind and making life easier.

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