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Protect Floors, Avoid Re-work

To protect any surface during construction i.e. new build and renovation.

OVABOARD is 96.5cm wide x 30 metres long and covers 29.45m2.

Real easy!  OVABOARD is tough and fast to install, simply roll out on the area to be covered, cut to length and back roll ends so it lays flat, overlap and tape the joins.

Depending on the job site and as long as the product is in reasonable condition, then you can use it many times.

OVABOARD protects wood, tile, concrete, stone, vinyl and epoxy floors.

OVABOARD is a very versatile product and can easily be crease folded to many shapes.  We recommend OVABOARD for all surface protection e.g. bench tops, stairs, and for making stencils, patterns.

No, OVABOARD is made of paper products and is not designed to withstand the elements.

OVABOARD is made up of recycled paper products, ply paper fibre and polymer additives.

At most leading hardware merchants or contact us to find your nearest supplier.

With other paper and cardboard products at your local recycling centre.

OVABOARD lies flat, reducing tripping hazards and you can keep your boots on no matter what the weather, reducing slip while walking around in socks etc.

It means it allows moisture to evaporate. OVABOARD allows natural curing of your floor whilst your floor is protected from damage and spills.