Flooring Trends 2016
15 April 2016
Flooring Trends 2016
Wondering what the latest trends are in flooring?
It makes sense that flooring trends are aligning with the current drive to create healthier homes. There’s a growing focus on the way we live in our homes and the energy we consume. And making the right environmental choices.
Flooring products that keep both environmental and human safety in mind are right on trend.
New takes are the new trends
Here’s 3 flooring trends we predict to be big in flooring 2016. But we should warn you – they’re not exactly new. Rather new takes. Taking existing products and ideas and making them better. 

Engineered timber

With improvements in quality, aesthetics and choice, engineered wood has become a popular option for durable environmentally-preferred flooring. 
It’s made up of three layers: a top and bottom layer of wood with an inner core of softwood, which runs at a right angle to the other layers to help prevent the natural movement of the timber.
Engineered timber flooring comes pre-finished and is relatively easy to install. It’s more stable, so is ideal for areas where moisture or heat pose problems for solid hardwood floors.
It provides the beautiful warm, soft aesthetic of timber but with more options. Like wider planks and the revival of parquet.

Wide planks

Increasing the size of wood planks makes the space feel larger with a contemporary look and feel. It’s a subtle change that has a big impact on the feel of the space.


Parquet dates back to the 17th century but is having a revival (nothing is really new is it!). Parquet floors are formed from small timber shapes laid in decorative patterns of varying complexity. 
Today concrete can be finished with a variety of colours, glosses and even textures.  
Polished concrete provides a durable, long-lasting and easy to clean surface. With underfloor heating concrete radiates heat throughout the area.










Why not let your floors take some of the limelight?
Choosing patterned flooring for your home can make a statement. It’s a design choice that takes careful planning and commitment but, when done correctly, can have stunning results.
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