Floor protection: Old school vs new school
28 September 2018
Floor protection: Old school vs new school


We definitely don’t want to bag old school. In fact, old school generally represents great wisdom and experience.

But we often stick with what we know, even though there might be way better options out there that could save us time, energy, money and occasionally embarrassment.

Is it time to branch out and mix some newschool in with your old school habits?

We wouldn’t expect you to do that without a bit of research first, so we thought we’d lay out the new school versus the old school when it comes to floor protection.


New school floor protection

New school is about saving time and money as well as being environmentally friendly.

In today’s busy world, we’re all looking for ways to save time. And in the construction industry, saving time usually means saving money.

Ovaboard floor protection is something you lay down and forget about. When you need to protect floors from paint, fluid, dirt, heavy foot traffic and heavy items Ovaboard ticks all of those boxes.

By protecting floors from all of the above you’ll be saving time on cleaning and any potential re-work. And we all know re-work is a time and money sucker.

Not to mention Ovaboard reduces risk in a number of ways:


People - Provides a safe and durable working surface, increasing your team productivity.

Environment - Made from 100% recycled materials and able to be reused and recycled

Assets - Helps avoid damage to floors and expensive re-work, allowing your build to keep on schedule.

Reputation - Keeps your site clean and professional looking and helps ensure customer satisfaction.

Liability - Helps limit your risk of payouts, repairs and conflict caused by damaging floors.


Old school floor protection

When we talk about old school floor protections, we’re talking drop sheets, plastic sheets or just whatever you can find around the place; flattened cardboard boxes, pieces of carpet etc.

Let’s highlight some of the pros and cons of these:

Drop sheet pros

  • Economic

  • Easy to pick and move around the building

  • Re-usable

Drop sheet cons

  • Plaster and paint can seep through

  • Bunch up cloths are a trip hazard

  • There is no impact protection from dropping heavy items

Plastic sheet pros

  • Protection from paint spillages

  • Can be stuck down for long periods

  • Can be re-usable if handled with care

Plastic cons

  • Can be slippery, causing a hazard

  • Can tear easily

  • No impact protection from dropping heavy items


When deciding to try out a new form of floor protection it’s important to weigh up your options. If you’re using the above and wondering if there’s anything else out there that could do a better job, then it’s time to look at the new school way of protecting floors, aka Ovaboard.

It really is that good. And we have testimonials to prove it.

You can find your supplier or contact us directly to place an order.