5 reasons upskilling your staff is essential
30 July 2018
5 reasons upskilling your staff is essential


Work is busy, the bills are being paid and the team are happy.


Work could be busier, you’re just about paying bills and the team are bored.

Whichever scenario you’re in, keeping yourself and your staff upskilled and having regular personal development is key for helping your business stay ahead of the game, and even your competition.

And here’s 5 reasons why.


#1 Meeting client expectations

Even with trade qualifications under your belt, that doesn’t mean the learning stops there.

Technology moves fast. And so do trends. Your client will expect you and your team to be qualified to deliver on that latest products and innovations. You’ll also be ahead of the competition and bringing in more work.

With laws and standards constantly changing or being reviewed it means you and your staff need to be in the know at all times.

Tip: Instead of sending the whole team to make sure you’re meeting industry standards, send just one of the team. They can then come back and report what they’ve learnt to the whole team (when you have to pass on information to others you’ll put more effort into learning it).


#2 The team becomes more diverse

The more staff you have that can do more things, the more productive your business will be.

Imagine being able to send any of your team to any job that comes in. And not having to shuffle people around in order to send the right skilled people.

Remember, it doesn’t always have to be an organised training course. It could be utilising the more experienced staff that you already have. Pair people up where you can so that you make the most out of upskilling your staff on the job.  


#3 Motivation and commitment improves

Training courses that offsite with other building firms allow networking and further learning. It gives you a chance to talk about your own work situation and learn about others.

Being able to talk through ideas, brainstorm and collaborate with other like-minded people will get your staff excited about their work. Leaving them feeling refreshed with new ideas. And we all love people who come to work with a spring in their step.

Showing you’re willing to invest in your staff will help retain staff who are committed and loyal. Training courses can be a sign of commitment to your staff, making them feel needed and motivated.


#4 Return on investment

Let's be honest, the reason for upskilling your staff is to make your business run smoother and become more profitable. You can achieve this with better efficiency.

Outcomes of efficient, skilled staff are a better quality of work, performed at a faster pace. And the more your staff can do in a shorter time frame, the more work you’re able to take on. Making the business thrive.


#5 The edge on competitors

You’re always going to be in competition when it comes to getting clients. What puts you apart from your competitors? Your staff’s skill set.

If you can tell the client that your company have specialised skills, and are experts in a niche area, you’re more likely to be awarded the work. Unless your quote is hugely over their budget of course ;-)


Where can you go for training courses?

There are plenty of training courses out there, from health and safety to crane handler. Here’re are just a few to explore:

Vertical Horizons



Then, have a word with the team, see if any of them have a want or need for extra training. You may just make their day. And you’ll soon see the benefits it has on the business.